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Are you looking for a highly attentive dental care service in Dibden Purlieu, New Forest and Southampton area? Forestside are the ones to contact. Combining innovative equipment with passionate dental practitioners and unmatched customer care, we make the dental care process hassle free and enjoyable.

Discover the benefits of making Forestside your new dental practice below, or contact us with any questions you have about our specialist, highly recommend service.

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As someone based near the New Forest or Southampton, you won’t find a dental care specialist that offers a better, more well rounded set of services than Forestside. Whatever your dentistry needs, we can accommodate it with personal customer service to match.

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"The whole treatment from start to finish was that of total professionalism. I was made to feel relaxed and valued. My comfort was their prime concern. Having a full set of veneers can be life changing and I am utterly thrilled with them. I’ve had loads of lovely comments too so I absolutely recommend this practice." - Bridget Mclean

"Amir is excellent and always gives me clear, helpful advice about my teeth and what I need to do. Have had two fillings recently and was so impressed with his work. Made me feel at ease. The whole experience at Forestside is excellent, I would strongly recommend." - Craig Nelson

"I've recently had quite a lot of work done on my teeth at Forestside Dental Practice. Joanna and her team have been looking after me with great professionalism and care throughout this time. The health of my teeth was my primary concern, but my smile has definitely improved as a result! Thank you Joanna, Sarah and everyone at the practice!" - Aleksandra Burlinson

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Forestside Dental Practice based?

Our expert and friendly team operate from a state of the art dental practice in the picturesque village of Dibden Purlieu. As a result, we are situated right on the outskirts of the New Forest, in Hampshire.

For that reason, we have long term clients based in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Bournemouth, as well all the areas in between. Wherever you are across this locality in South East England, we’re on hand to provide our dental care services.

What services do Forestside specialise in?

Here at Forestside, we employ a full team and invest in the best equipment. This means that we don’t have to specialise in a single dental care procedure, but rather offer them all to those in Dibden Purlieu, the New Forest and Southampton.

We can cater to requests for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, a whole range of dental care procedures, and Invisalign. We also offer digital smile design and bruxism services.

If you have any dental care requests that you feel are more niche or specific, get in touch with us today. You can either book an appointment with a specialist or can contact our team electronically.

Why choose Forestside over a competitive practice?

Passion, care and attention. You won’t find a dental care practitioner in the New Forest or Southampton area that offers all three in equal abundance as we do. You’ll be treated to a personal service and with genuine care by our attentive team.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign is a dental care procedure that allows people of any age to get the smile of their dreams. Invisalign’s system is innovative in both subtlety and effectiveness. You can improve the straightness, symmetry, proportion and spacing of your teeth, among a whole array of other benefits.

This all comes alongside the sleek design of the aligner, which is entirely clear and near undetectable when worn.

You can discover the full benefits of Invisalign on our dedicated page, or are welcome to book an appointment here in Dibden Purlieu to discuss further.

Do Forestside use top of the line equipment?

We do. Over the years, we have consistently invested in what we believe to be the most innovative equipment, offering a future proofed service that stands ahead of our competitors. This is what makes Forestside the leading dental care practitioner for those living in the New Forest, Southampton or the surrounding areas.

Our expert team currently use top of the line equipment for 2D and 3D scanning, as well as for CBCT and OPG. We are also one of the few dental care service providers in the whole region who use the revolutionary Zeiss Extaro 300 microscope, for absolute precision and accuracy.

Can Forestside accommodate nervous patients?

Yes, we can. We appreciate that a trip to the dentist isn’t something that everyone looks forward to, and we’re on hand in these situations to make you as comfortable as possible. Whether you let us know in advance or on arrival makes no difference, we can easily accommodate your needs. We’ll help make the dental care procedure as hassle and stress free as we can.

Are Forestside compliant with the GDC?

Forestside Dental Practice’s practitioners are, year on year, compliant with the regulations of the General Dental Council for the UK. They set out the minimum standards for conduct and service, ensuring that compliant dentists are applying them on a consistent basis.

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