When it comes to dental implants, there is a long list of life changing benefits that come with this cosmetic service. At Forestside Dental, our ICOI qualified implantologists have narrowed down that list to the top 5 benefits of dental implants. Read on to find out what you could gain with this long term and unrivalled dentistry service.


Regain Your Natural Teeth

The most significant benefit of dental implants is they’re the next best thing to natural teeth! The ability to fully chew again is just one of the excellent benefits of dental implants. Most patients cannot distinguish between their implant tooth and their natural teeth. As well as chewing and regaining your bite force, oral hygiene is also maintained like natural teeth. With flossing and brushing daily, you can maintain your dental implants just like you would natural teeth. 

If you’re considering single or full set dental implants, a great benefit of both options is they can match or improve your existing teeth. Since dental implants are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, the experienced implantologists at Forestside will closely work with you, so we can create custom implants that completely match the colour and shape of your neighbouring teeth. You and your dentist will be the only ones aware of which teeth are implants.


Prevents Bone Loss

Missing or decaying teeth can have more long term effects than you realise. Lack of stimulation causes the jaw bone with no tooth to degenerate. Without an implant, the bone surrounding the missing tooth loses 25% of its volume in the first year after tooth loss, and the bone loss continues over time.

A common and cost effective solution for tooth loss is dentures. Still, they frequently become loose and rub against the bone ridge – resulting in the bone eventually wearing away or even increasing the rate of bone loss. An implant stimulates natural bone growth because it replaces the tooth's root as well as the tooth – meaning your teeth, smile, and bite will be restored.

Another unwelcome side effect of bone loss brought on by tooth loss is facial drooping. The lower part of the face begins to collapse at this point, gradually reducing the space between the chin and the tip of the nose. Increased lines around the mouth, thinner lips, and a sharper chin are a few changes that can make someone appear much older than their actual age. A benefit of fitting dental implants with Forestside Dental is preventing bone loss and other long term effects.


Forestside 10 Year Guarantee 

Dental implants can last a lifetime, as opposed to a dental bridge. The implant is made from titanium which fuses with the jawbone. It is biocompatible, which means it won't harm the body or be rejected. Overall, it creates a strong substitute tooth. Dental implants are made to last for the rest of your life, unlike other tooth replacement choices, which will need to be repaired or replaced from time to time. If you require a tooth replacement option, consider dental implants, as they have excellent, long term benefits. At Forestside, we are so confident with the performance and experience of our practice that we provide a 10 year guarantee to all our dental implant patients!

Easy to Maintain

A great benefit of dental implants is their simple maintenance, which requires no changes to your daily oral hygiene routine. You don't need to purchase any specialised products to clean or maintain dental implants, as you can floss and brush just like normal! 

Dental implants are also constructed of a material that cannot decay. Although they still need to be cared for to stop bacteria from developing and leading to infections in your mouth, you won’t have to worry about cavities forming in your dental implants! 

As well as this, another benefit of dental implants is your reduced risk of gum disease. Missing or decaying teeth make you susceptible to gum disease and infection, as a gap left by a lost tooth can serve as a food and bacterial trap. Opting for dental implants will therefore prevent long term oral health issues. 


Dental Implants at Foreside Dental

With our dental implants at Forestside Dental, we offer long term comfort, benefits, and confidence to our patients. We are based in Dibden Purlieu and serve people in Southampton, the New Forest, and the surrounding areas with our permanent dental implant service. Whatever your motivation for thinking about dental implants, book a consultation with one of our ICOI experts today.

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