EMS Airflow Therapy

Developed in the EMS Research Center with more than 100,000 hours of testing in collaboration with dentists from all over the world, Airflow Therapy is an innovative design. Featuring high precision, easy maintenance and the highest hygienist standards, it provides extreme comfort and safety for patients while catering to the 3 core treatments of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT).

Including a mixture of water, air and specially prepared powder to polish and clean your teeth, EMS Airflow comfortably and efficiently removes biofilm from your gumline, gums, enamel, tongue and palate! In the long-term, GBT will have a vast range of benefits for your oral health. From preventing periodontal and peri-implant diseases to gingivitis & maintenance of implants, it is an indispensable treatment and solution for your long term dental and overall health.

Unique Features of Airflow

Though it might be tempting to think it is similar to a hygiene appointment or a teeth whitening treatment, EMS airflow provides so much more that conventional methods cannot. Unlike others, Airflow uses the latest non-abrasive technology to remove biofilm, stains, and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations, and implants. Unlike traditional methods, it is also done in one single procedure without having to use chemicals.

Performed with a regulated irrigation temperature and a wireless foot pedal to activate, there is no more need to use rubber cups, brushes, or paste to remove biofilm. And because the stains or plaque is also removed whilst getting rid of biofilm, at the end of your appointment, your teeth will appear cleaner & even brighter, which enhances the overall appearance of your teeth & smile confidence!

No Pain Airflow Technology

Perfect for those who have fear of dentists or teeth cleaning appointments, Airflow has various innovative features to make you feel comfortable. Including temperature and power control, we are able to provide this service at a fast and effective level to those of all ages and conditions including children, patients with implants or teeth sensitivity.

With the innovative dynamic response technology of Airflow, Forestside is also able to provide you a pain free teeth cleaning service. It adjusts the resistance automatically to the level of calculus - also known as dental plaque - on your teeth, for the best long term results and minimal invasiveness whilist your maintaining your comfort!

EMS Innovation

Airflow is the latest innovative prophylaxis equipment from EMS that projects air, water, and a fine coloured powder onto your teeth with the highest levels of hygiene & comfort. The device is characterised by unique ergonomics that give the best results when preventing tooth decay, periodontal and gingivitis.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a game changing system that reduces and keeps harmful bacteria, also known as biofilm, under control. Vastly superior compared to conventional biofilm removal techniques, EMS Airflow will remove all the plaque, stains or discolourations for best results & our patients' long term oral health.

Innovative Spray Technology

With high precision and innovative spray technology, Airflow Prophylaxis Master provides the latest innovative dental solutions. Unlike traditional equipment, it is able to access all of those hard-to-reach areas while remaining gentle for your comfort. So you can rest assured it will get rid of all the invisible but harmful Biofilm bacteria!

Suitable For All

With 5 levels of unique temperature control features, EMS Airflow is suitable for children, sensitive teeth or implant patients. It also provides a high-precision & comfortable treatment outcome, by operating at a frequency of 32,000 linear oscillations per second, this new system ensures precise movement without any lateral deflection. Perfect for those who get nervous during dentistry appointments!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airflow teeth cleaning?

Airflow is an innovative equipment that we offer here at Forestside as an optional feature in our teeth cleaning appointments. It offers a fast and efficient stain and biofilm removal with a wand that sprays a combination of water, compressed air and bicarbonate powder. Unlike conventional methods, it also has temperature control and microburst technology to reach nooks, crannies or hard-to-get areas that traditional teeth cleaning methods simply cannot!

What is Biofilm & GBT?

Biofilm is a sticky and invisible harmful bacteria that builds on the surfaces in your mouth, such as your tongue, gums or even in oral cavities. If not treated, the biofilm will start producing acid that can cause various diseases, from gingivitis to cavities or periodontal and gum diseases.

So Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a solution offered via EMS Airflow that transforms the oral health of patients in terms of prevention & maintenance as well as their overall experience by providing more fear free and pain free dental treatments for all ages, thanks to their unique and innovative features.

Is Airflow teeth cleaning worth it?

Airflow teeth cleaning is most definitely worth it! Developed with over 100,000 hours of tests & various professional dentists from all around the world, there is no better way than EMS Airflow to keep harmful biofilm bacteria under control. Not only does it make an immediate difference in the appearance of your teeth by removing plaque, stains, and biofilm, but it also provides a vast range of long term health benefits & maintenance of your oral health.

Although as much as the EMS Airflow offers an efficient treatment, your long term oral health is also dependent on your hygiene routine. Such as what you consume, if you floss and brush your teeth, or go to a regular dentist check up. Check out our oral dentist recommended oral hygiene routine if you need any expert advice!

How much does Airflow teeth cleaning cost?

The cost of a 30 minute EMS/GBT routine hygienist appointment will be £85. If you are part of our dental plans, you are entitled to a discounted price of £72.50.

For an extended 45-minute appointment, the private price is £110, which can also be discounted to £92.50 on our dental plans.

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