Our Invisalign Reviews

Our Invisalign Reviews

“I am so, so happy with my results from Invisalign! All down to the care and attention of Manousos Goneos at Forestside Dental Practice.

I was a difficult case as I have a back tooth missing, was very overcrowded, and a overbite. The initial plan with Invisalign would have moved my teeth incorrectly. Manousos went back and forth with Invisalign to ensure the correct treatment plan was going to give the results I wanted. Also making sure throughout the process filing, and checkups were all going as planned.

Manousos was very confident he could help me, whilst other dentists using Invisalign in the past have turned me away.

Couldn’t have asked for a more smooth, pain free process in getting amazing results!

100% recommend. My confidence has increased dramatically! :)”

Rebecca Glibbery

“I had always hated my teeth. They were crooked, pointy and when it came to having my photo taken I would always smile with my mouth closed but I had one tooth that would always find its way out the side of my mouth. My confidence to smile in general was very low and therefore I refrained from laughing much, particularly around people I didn’t know.

I decided to do something about it so I visited Forestside Dental Practice for a consultancy appointment. When I first visited the practice it was clear that it was a very professional establishment. The reception area was immaculate, the staff were very friendly and helpful. I had a consultation with Dr Manousos Goneos. I was hoping for some reassurance that my teeth could be made to look better and this is exactly what I got. Manousos explained Invisalign to me and how this would work for my teeth. He made a plan which included the extraction of one tooth followed by 28 Invisalign aligners to straighten my teeth and some filing and cleaning when needed. I had a scan and Manousos showed me the current state of my teeth and then a 3D visual of what I could expect after the Invisalign treatment. We also spoke about whitening so that by the end of the treatment my teeth would not only be straight but white too, something I have never had.

I am now on aligner 25/28 and if the treatment stopped today I would be over the moon with the results! I have my bonded retainer to be fitted yet and the whitening to be done but even still I am very happy.

I cannot speak highly enough of Manousos. He kept me up to speed at every step and always explained the plan and what to expect next. The tooth extraction was the most pain free experience I have had in a dentist chair and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anyone who wants their dream smile.

Thank you Manousos and everyone at Forestside Dental practice for what you have done so far. This was all so I could smile in my wedding photos and instead of worrying about how I will look, I now can’t wait for the big day.”

Adam Harnett

“Dear Manousos Goneos,

I would like to thank you and the staff at Forestside for the care and treatment I have received over the last year and a half whilst working on my teeth.

I have experienced great care throughout the Invisalign procedure and treatments. You are very professional, understanding and have been incredibly patient while I have been deployed with my work. Throughout you have made the process easy and relaxed for me and I would recommend anyone to your practise in the further for any dental work.

I now have a lovely set of teeth that I am confident with and that is all down to your work and professionalism.

I can’t thank you enough!”

Robyn Thomas
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We're Rated 4.9 / 5