Here at Forestside Dental Practice, we constantly use modern technology and look for ways to implement innovation. All of our clients can benefit from our state of the art diagnostic and oral care equipment. Our expert dentists use a variety of different tools to explore the condition of your teeth, gums and overall dental healt. Due to the cutting edge equipment we use, all Forestside clients receive the ideal bespoke treatment plan for their needs.

Keep reading to learn about the innovative technology we use at our highly recommended dental practice and benefit from innovative dental services.

EMS Airflow Dental Cleaning

We help our clients get the ultimate ‘dentist clean’ feeling by using the EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) airflow tool. The Airflow works by gently cleaning teeth and gums with a fine spray of warmed water and erythritol PLUS powder. By using this clever device, our dentists are able to deeply clean above and below the gum line. The erythritol powder is finer than standard toothpaste and is able to provide a more thorough clean. With the GBT Airflow in our equipment arsenal, Forestside dentists are able to clean difficult to reach areas and minimise the risk of bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity as well as get rid of harmful yet tasteless and invisible Biofilm bacteria.

ems airflow dental cleaning

MyRay Hyperion X5 3D and 2D Scanner

In order to be able to offer the best possible oral care treatment, our dentists first need to gather a clear picture of the inside of your mouth. At Forestside, we use innovative scanning technology during our diagnostic process. To discover exactly what is causing your teeth and gum issues, we use the MyRay Hyperion X5 3D and 2D scanner.

This revolutionary scanning device features creative collimators and an outstanding 22 2D programmes. The MyRay scanner is able to quickly and efficiently take images inside of your mouth, helping us to reduce the time it takes to diagnose any dental issues you may be suffering from. Our 3D and 2D scanner offers quicker and clearer results than traditional X-ray equipment. HD and low-does QuickScan images are available, and this scanner can be used across the whole mouth or just in one location.

The perfect piece of equipment for complex dental needs, MyRay can analyse up to 5 unique panoramic views from a single scan. To generate the best image of your teeth and gums, we also utilise the advanced technology provided by our Trios and iTero 3D Digital Scanners. By using advanced scanning technology, Forestside dentists are able to spot dental issues which otherwise can be easily missed by traditional diagnostic equipment.

3D dental xray

Zeiss Electronic Microscope

To be able to offer our clients the best treatment for their unique needs, it is essential that we first develop a clear understanding of their current oral health. At our dental practice, our experts regularly use the ZEISS electronic microscope. Featuring an ergonomic design and highly advanced technology, the ZEISS microscope enables our dentist to see the smallest of structures that make up the tooth’s surface. Thanks to this innovative device, we are able to perform thorough examinations and spot the early signs of several dental issues. There is no need to be anxious about your examination, our friendly team will help you to feel at ease and the diagnostic equipment we use will not cause you any pain.

Acteon Digital X-Ray Equipment

Alongside our revolutionary scanning equipment, we also use digital X-rays during our diagnostic procedures. The Acteon digital x-ray equipment that our dentists utilise in our Dibden Purlieu practice uses the smallest scanning plates available on the market today. Due to their smaller size, the Acteon plates make it possible for our clients to experience a completely pain-free X-ray procedure. This contemporary X-ray device creates images in just a matter of seconds, helping us to reduce diagnostic waiting times significantly. With the use of our digital X-ray equipment, our dentists can pinpoint the source of your oral health problems in record time.

dental xray procedure

Carestream Intra Oral Cameras

We also use intraoral cameras to create bespoke treatment plans based on the individual needs of our clients. Here at Forestside, our dental team frequently uses the Carestream intraoral camera during diagnostic appointments. Using cutting edge technology, this camera system delivers clear and high resolution images. The pictures captured by this device display high levels of anatomical accuracy, making it easier for our dentists to determine the best treatment plan based on their detailed findings. As a Forestside client, you are guaranteed a thorough examination and the most effective treatment for your unique dental needs.

Benefit From Innovation in Dentistry

Forestside Dental is a highly recommended dental practice, based in Dibden Purlieu. Our team of skilled dentists help people throughout Hampshire and the New Forest to achieve a healthy smile. We use a wide range of innovative technologies to offer our clients the best diagnostic and treatment services. Contact our team to discuss your oral health needs, or alternatively book your appointment online today to benefit from long term dental health with our innovative equipments.

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