What Are Dental Fillings?

Let’s start with the basics. Dental fillings are a treatment to fix a hole or cavity in a tooth. This process includes removing the decayed tooth tissue and stuffing the space with a filling material. If you are struggling with a toothache or feel discomfort while trying to eat or drink, you might be in need of dental fillings. If you are ever in doubt, you can always book a dental consultation with Forestside to maintain the health of your teeth.

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Though there are various types of dental fillings, the most commonly known ones are silver and white fillings. While silver fillings, also known as amalgams, are a mixture of mercury and metal, white fillings are tooth-coloured composite resins used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. 

We have written this guide to make sure you are expertly advised of the difference between silver vs white fillings. So you can make a fully informed decision if you require a dental filling. Read on to find out more!

Silver Fillings

Made from a mixture of different metals, silver fillings are a common type of dental filling that has been used for decades to repair cavities. As it can be understood from its name, these amalgams are silver coloured. They are also hard wearing, making them perfect for back teeth where there tends to be heavy wear from chewing. This then allows patients to smile confidently without having to worry about aesthetics or how silver fillings would blend in with their teeth. 

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Despite being strong, affordable and long lasting, due to being silver, these dental fillings aesthetically do not fit well with front teeth. Leaving many patients less confident with dental treatments. 

There are also various concerns and articles about the alleged toxic properties of silver fillings. Apart from the fact that they release mercury into the air, which can be damaging to the environment, according to the NHS, there is no evidence suggesting that exposure to mercury found in silver fillings is harmful to human health when used as dental fillings. It completely depends on the amount and the type of mercury used. 

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If you have silver fillings and are experiencing concerns, you can always contact our practitioners here at Forestside. Even though it is not recommended to replace them with white ones unless you are experiencing a toothache, our experienced team can reassure you and make you feel at ease. 

White Fillings 

As mentioned previously, white fillings are tooth-coloured dental fillings used to treat cavities caused by tooth decay. Perfect for the front as well as back teeth, they are not only hard wearing but also have the cosmetic benefits of blending in with the colour of your teeth. When they are fitted, these dental fillings complete your smile and teeth by being undetectable, so you do not need to worry about hiding your smile. Just take a look at our before and after photos, they speak for themselves!

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Compared to other types of dental fillings like crowns, white fillings also have the benefit of being relatively inexpensive. When taken care of correctly, they are long lasting and will stay in place for up to 15 years. If you are ever in doubt about how to take care of your teeth, we have a guide on dentist recommended oral hygiene routine. So check it out and make the most of your white dental fillings by keeping them in good condition.

Are White Fillings Better Than Silver Dental Fillings? 

While both are long lasting and hard wearing, white fillings offer cosmetic benefits as well as cost effectively getting rid of tooth cavities regardless of where they are located in the mouth. In contrast, silver fillings are the most effective solution for molars, but some patients may want to avoid silver fillings. 

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Here at Forestside, eliminating concerns and making sure that you feel comfortable and safe has always been our priority at every stage of your journey with our team. We also make the most of recent advancements in technology and offer the best possible dental service to patients in Dibden Purlieu, Hythe and throughout Southampton. Our dental experts will offer the best advice and solutions for your needs. With only high grade white dental fillings available at our practice, we ensure that our patients receive only the best and most modern dental filling solutions available. 

How Much Do White Fillings Cost? 

If you are in need of dental fillings and would like to find out how much our white fillings cost at Forestside, book a consultation appointment with us today! During your appointment, we will complete all the necessary scans to ensure these white and undetectable dental fillings are the right option for you. 

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You can also get in touch with the Forestside team if you have any questions or if getting a dental service makes you feel uncomfortable and worried. We will be more than happy to help you feel at ease during your consultation and at any stage of your dental fillings. 

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