What are the key benefits of our dental implants?

Here at Forestside Dental Practice, our team of dentists are highly trained experts. They will always put your needs and comfort first. Read more about the other services that we offer like cosmetic dentistry, dental treatments and Invisalign.

Our dental implants are designed to sit in the mouth with 100% comfortability.
They replicate the appearance of natural teeth.
We never unnecessarily file down the neighbouring teeth.
Implants are a much more hygienic dental solution than dentures or bridges.
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What are Dental Implants?

If you are looking to create the perfect smile and have missing teeth, dental implants are the ideal solution. They exceed other dental treatments in many areas, but mostly due to their natural appearance and permanence. If you have tried other dental treatments that have not worked, we are confident this will work for you.

With our dental implants appearing identical to natural teeth, you will not be able to notice a difference, and neither will your friends or family. They are a completely hygienic and realistic solution to missing teeth for those located in Totton.

At Forestside Dental Practice, we have carefully designed our dental implants in order to ensure an excellent product and result. Small titanium screws are inserted into your jawbone under local anaesthetic and work in the same way as a natural tooth root. This is a completely pain-free procedure that our customers do not need to worry about. We then use 3D scanning and impressions to create a prosthetic tooth that is connected to the titanium screw. Titanium is used widely within the medical and dental industries due to its strength and ability to be accepted by the human body.

Whether you are looking for single tooth replacement in Totton or an entire set of teeth, this is the ideal solution. You will not have to worry about removing and cleaning the dental implants like dentures. They will work like normal teeth!

Feel confident in yourself with the addition of our incredible dental implants. Show off your new smile!

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All-on-Four Dental Implants

Our All-On-Four dental implants are ideal for those in Totton that already currently use dentures. This innovative form of implants is designed to stabilise dentures, preventing any in mouth slipping. With this, you will be able to carry on day to day activities such as talking and eating without embarrassment or worry. All-On-Four dental implants are completely inserted on the day of treatment.

At Forestside, our All-On-Four dental implants are offered at competitive pricing and with a quick healing process. You will receive invaluable aftercare from our tea of expert dentists. If you are looking to upgrade your smile with dentures or implants in Totton, contact us today.

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Feel Comfortable in Our Care

With customer comfort being our absolute priority, we understand how scary it is for many to visit the dentist. What may be part of normal life to some can cause extreme stress to others. This is why we have special procedures and routines in place to help those that find it difficult to attend a dental surgery. If you are one of those individuals, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will do what we can to make your visit as stress-free as possible. Your happiness is as important to us as your oral hygiene!

What’s more, feel at ease knowing that we meet the strict guidelines set in place by the General Dental Council. You will receive the best service possible in Totton and the surrounding areas.

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If you are ready to enhance your smile with dental implants, please get in touch with us here at Forestside Dental Practice. We would happily answer any questions you may have and get you booked in for a consultation.

As dental implants vary in price, this consultation will allow us to assess your mouth and provide you with a cost that suits your needs.

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What is Involved in the Dental Implants Procedure?

Our Customers Love Us

"The whole treatment from start to finish was that of total professionalism. I was made to feel relaxed and valued. My comfort was their prime concern. Having a full set of veneers can be life changing and I am utterly thrilled with them. I’ve had loads of lovely comments too so I absolutely recommend this practice." - Bridget Mclean

"Amir is excellent and always gives me clear, helpful advice about my teeth and what I need to do. Have had two fillings recently and was so impressed with his work. Made me feel at ease. The whole experience at Forestside is excellent, I would strongly recommend." - Craig Nelson

"I've recently had quite a lot of work done on my teeth at Forestside Dental Practice. Joanna and her team have been looking after me with great professionalism and care throughout this time. The health of my teeth was my primary concern, but my smile has definitely improved as a result! Thank you Joanna, Sarah and everyone at the practice!" - Aleksandra Burlinson

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these implants permanent?

They are, yes. In fusing with the bone in the root of the tooth over the space of several months, dental implants are a permanent procedure. However, for many, this is the exact reason they go for it! Through one procedure, you permanently change your smile for the better, falling back in love with how your teeth look.

Should I pick same day or dental implants?

Same day implants allow you to make a smile in one day. It is significantly quicker than other cosmetic procedures and for many, that is a selling point. Same day implants are also a temporary procedure – we often encourage a repeat appointment to have them made permanent with this dental implant service.

The decision as to what is best for you and your individual needs can be discussed during a consultation at our practice.

Do dental implants hurt?

We’ll provide you with a local anaesthesia to help prevent any discomfort during any stage of the procedure. However, if you’re feeling particularly nervous about the dental implant procedure, please raise it during your consultation. We can discuss the possibility of strong sedation or you bringing someone into the procedure for support!

Can dental implants be fitted to those with dentures?

They can. We offer the ‘All-on-Four’ service here at Forestside, whereby four implants are fitted to stabilise your existing dentures. This ensures that they no longer slip, so you can eat, drink, talk and laugh with total peace of mind. There is no bone graft required with this particular dental implant procedure, making it much quicker to complete the procedure as well.

Where are Forestside based?

Our state of the art practice is located in Dibden Purlieu. As a result, we are based on the outskirts of the stunning New Forest, and are only a stone’s throw away from Southampton. With this in mind, we regularly cater to dental implant requests from all the surrounding towns. We also have people travel from Winchester, Bournemouth and Portsmouth for our respected services.

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